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The Enchanted Grove

Welcome to this online sanctuary! In a time of social and ecological crises, what can we do as individuals to make the world a better place? Having to navigate life in the systems of this day that emphasize ever-increasing separation, consumption, and destruction of nature, takes a heavy toll on us. What we need, is a new story of who we are as humans. How do we want to be in the world, and what could a different path for the future look like?


We don't know yet what this new story exactly looks like. Many of us are aware of some of its threads, like regenerative land practices, holistic health, or communal living. Across the globe we see new initiatives, designs, and patterns emerge in the fabric. The New Story, is coming together, but has not yet formed. What an exciting and important time to be alive.


The Enchanted Grove aims to be a thread in the global weaving of the New Story. Here we  embrace and practice the principle of interconnectedness, and explore aspects related to the question: what could a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible look like?

The sanctuary is an online exploration of earth-centered and indigenous knowledge, and topics related to personal growth, liberation, and social justice. You will find practical skills that offer ways to live in closer connection with the rest of nature, and rediscover our kinship with all beings. Explore different resources like articles, poetry, stories, and recipes focused on:

  • ORIGINAL WISDOM. Become familiar with earth-centered ways of being. By exploring concepts like kinship, reciprocity, and ceremony, you can rediscover and build meaningful relationships with all the life around you.


  • CHANGE-MAKING. Explore ideas and tools that can help transform aspects of the current society.

  • NATURE BASED TRADITIONAL SKILLS.  Whether when building a shelter, foraging for food, or making medicine, nature has always been at the center of our human lives. In today’s world, many traditional skills of working with nature are almost lost. Going outside, touching, smelling, and tasting the nature around you will reconnect you with the knowledge of your ancestors, and welcome a newly found appreciation and care for the abundance around you. Learn about new skills and fun projects here!

In this pivotal time, as we stand at the crossroads of degradation and renewal, the call to transition to a New Story has never been more urgent. It is a call to action for each of us to, in our own way, find our way back to living lives of connection, so that we can navigate this time from a place of awareness, resilience and love, and through this, transform not only ourselves, but the world around us.

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The Future Sanctuary

The online sanctuary is a personal collection of treasures I have encountered throughout the years that consists of wisdom received from others and life experience, nature-based skills, creative expressions and other matters close to the heart.

In the last few years I have been on an inner and outer journey, exploring how these treasures could be applied in the real world in the form of a nature sanctuary. How could the treads of the New Story that I have discover manifest in physical reality? This journey has been one of increasingly finding new levels of clarity about how this vision could manifest. It has led me to different countries, settings, and interesting people.


Working together with nature and each other, at the sanctuary we will explore the question of what a world we would rather live in look like. Many of us don't feel at home in the systems and societies we have created. In a setting of permaculture gardens, protected forest, and community, we will come together to connect with one another and the living world, and explore alternative ways of being. In a world full of disconnect, anxiety, and consumption, let's imagine and experiment with a different way of being. My wish for the sanctuary is for this to be a safe space, playground, and place of healing where we will get glimpses of what a more beautiful world could look like. 


Amber is the person behind  the Enchanted Grove Sanctuary. She is a heart-led woman with a deep love for nature. While navigating her young adult life in the scientific worlds of psychology and environmental science, she increasingly felt  something was not quite right. She was struggling to find a sense of belonging and connection in the Western culture and narratives she was exposed to every day. Amber felt a knowing inside that there must be another way to be in the world than what she was experiencing. In her mid-twenties she therefore started a lifelong quest to find out what this could look like. Through many experiences in nature, living amidst indigenous people, inner- and outer travels, writing, and learning earth-centered traditional skills, her unique little piece of the puzzle for creating a more beautiful world became increasingly clear. The Enchanted Grove is an expression of her great love for nature, writing and crafting; inviting humans to fall back in love with all of creation and remember their belonging to the natural world.

Amber is currently on a journey visiting different parts of Europe  to explore where she can create the Enchanted Grove Sanctuary. She also spends some months of the year in the US with her husband Joe, who has been a great support to her and her mission.

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“Knowing that you love the earth changes you, activates you to defend and protect and celebrate. But when you feel that the earth loves you in return, that feeling transforms the relationship from a one-way street into a sacred bond.”

- Robin Wall Kimmerer

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