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Invite wild food into your kitchen and connect with the incredible edible plant and mushroom species of natural world!

Humans have been foraging and eating wild plants and mushrooms for thousands of years, but in today’s world these skills are almost lost. By going outside, touching, smelling, and tasting the natural abundance around you, foraging reconnects you with the natural world, helps you remember the earth-based knowledge of your ancestors, and can give you a newly found sense of gratitude for all the special beings around you. So go outside, and get to know your  plant and fungal kin!


All recipes are vegan, made with whole food ingredients, and almost always gluten-free.

My hope with sharing the information on this page is that the journey of bringing the wild back into your heart and kitchen will provide you with joy and a new sense of belonging in the natural world. 

Disclaimer: Every year there are people that are poisoned or experience other negative health effects from eating inedible wild plants or mushrooms that resemble edible species. For this reason it's essential to ensure proper species identification and to consult multiple quality sources for doing this. It's also important to always check and follow all local foraging regulations before you harvest anything in nature.

This blog is not intended to give nutritional or medical advice and the content is provided for informational and educational services only. All of our bodies are different. We have different metabolisms and people can react differently to wild harvested ingredients. It is also important to be aware of any allergies you may have before consuming plants and fungi. Please consult with your healthcare professional regarding any medical or health-related issues, interactions with medications, diagnosis, or treatment options.

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