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Walk in Awe, Dearest One - Poem

Here you are

inserted into one of the greatest events

called life.


Merely a speck of dust

on the timeline of existence.

Yet at the same time

an indispensable part

of this magnificent whole.

What are the odds

of you being here;

in this form, right here, right now.


A miracle.

You get to walk

this human existence,

the most epic school

surrounding us at every moment.

This Earth,

both the playground and curriculum

through which the Divine

sends her infinite waves of expression

for us to receive freely.

Teachers are everywhere

and in everything.

Deep guidance and lessons

found in dark starry nights,

in fireflies dancing through the sky,

in the movement of water,

and in an old woman’s smile.

Everything a mirror

brightly reflecting back

parts of ourselves:

parts of who we are,

parts of who we could be,

seasons of our lives,

but only if we choose to see.

This miraculous life

inviting us in every moment

to open our senses,

our heart.

To go on the greatest adventures

and be curious about the littlest of things.

To feel the elements,

swim in the oceans,

marvel at the beauty

of other lifeforms,

and to see how it all connects.

An eternal invitation

to find the reflection

of ourselves in all we encounter.

For we too

are this same expression of the Divine.

Walk in awe,

dearest one.

You are alive.


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