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Celebrate your connection with the natural world and invite wild food and medicine plants into your kitchen!

Humans have always harvested wild plants and mushrooms, but in today’s world these skills are almost lost. By going outside, touching, smelling, and tasting the natural abundance around you, foraging can reconnect you with the knowledge of your ancestors, and give you a deep gratitude for all the special nature around you. So go outside, and get to know your big and small plant neighbors! All recipes are vegan and gluten-free. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey of bringing the wild back into your kitchen!


Disclaimer: Every year there are people that are poisoned or experience other negative health effects from eating inedible wild plants or mushrooms that resemble edible species. For this reason it's essential to ensure proper species identification and to consult multiple quality sources for doing this. It's also important to always check and follow all local foraging regulations before you harvest anything in nature. This blog is not intended to give nutritional or medical advice and the content is provided for informational services only. Please consult with your healthcare professional regarding any medical or health-related diagnosis or treatment options.

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